Welcome to Animal-Industries!

Welcome to Animal-Industries!

How to connect to Animal-Industries (IRC):

  • apex.animal-industries.xyz (this is where you are reading this)
  • scatta.animal-industries.xyz
    • Ports: 6667 (plain text), +6697 (SSL/TLS – RECOMMENDED)

In the unfortunate event that you do not have to a standalone IRC client, please install one, either from the list below, or on your own. We currently are not offering web chat.

Or join our Discord server! https://discord.me/Animal-Industries

Or join our Telegram! https://t.me/ai_irc

Standalone IRC clients list (endorsed by us):

Desktop operating systems:

  • HexChat (Windows / macOS [xcode + homebrew] / Linux & *nix)
  • mIRC (Windows)
  • irssi (Windows [cygwin, WSL, mingw, etc] / macOS [xcode + homebrew] / Linux & *nix)
  • WeeChat (Windows [cygwin, WSL, mingw, etc] / macOS [xcode + homebrew] / Linux & *nix)
  • LimeChat (macOS)

Mobile operating systems:

Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay!

You are also encouraged to follow our Twitter handle for status updates and occasional community banter: @AI_IRC

Also check out our Instagram: @AI_IRC