Here is a list of Animal-Industries’ overall staff and a few more fun or half-sarcastic facts about them.


  • DJ Deedahx (djdeedahx0, \\)
    • Founder, owner, CEO of Animal-Industries
    • IRC server owner (scatta)
    • WordPress site main admin
    • Highly notorious for “feelposting” from an Amazon Kindle 8th-Gen during his school hours (rip sweet prince 2017.04.02)
    • /foreveralonearmy/ REPRESENT


IRC Staff:

(Everyone in this list is an oper on IRC and an admin on Discord and Minecraft.)

  • grave (`)
    • IRCd + services overseer
    • Assistant manager of IRC server scatta
    • Is deaf as fuuuuuuuuuck
  • Inception

    • IRC server hub owner (apex)
    • Network security advisor
    • Secretly part of Anonymous
  • Jelle
    • Community ban overseer
    • Staff mediator
    • no
  • rubberback
    • WordPress site assistant administrator
    • 3 DEMMERDA
  • KomputerKid (Craig)
    • Discord lead admin
    • Minecraft server admin and host
    • WordPress site administrator
    • Father of 0, also a Fascist, Nazi and Monarchist who wants to establish an IRL Hunger Games and re-integrate the US with the Commonwealth/British Monarchy


Discord Staff:

  • Lily
    • Discord moderator
    • Resident IRC bot contributor
  • DarkerJ
    • Discord moderator
    • Minecraft server moderator
    • Professional CRT masturbater
  • plant
    • Discord moderator
    • Secretly an ultra conservative white supremacist from Mississippi


Minecraft Staff:

  • lordpipe (|, creato)
    • Minecraft server moderator
    • Extensive Minecraft server contributor (cow farm, et al)
    • RMS is my lord and saviour o/