Network Staff

Here is a list of Animal-Industries’ network staff and a few more fun or half-sarcastic facts about them.

Network Owner:

  • djdeedahx0
    • Founder, owner, CEO of Animal-Industries
    • IRC server owner (scatta)
    • WordPress site main admin
    • Highly notorious for “feelposting” from an Amazon Kindle 8th-Gen during his school hours (rip sweet prince 2017.04.02)

Network Staff:

  • grave (`)
    • IRCd + services overseer
    • Assistant manager of IRC server scatta
    • Is deaf as fuuuuuuuuuck
  • Inception (formerly V0rTeX)
    • IRC server hub owner (apex)
    • Infamous mysterious psychic
  • Jelle
    • Network ban overseer
    • Telegram/AI Insider Group second-in-command
    • Does not sleep, only rest eys
  • rubberback
    • WordPress site assistant admin
    • Addicted to Tassoni